I'm Rali Manolov, and I'm here for you.

Personally curating and designing on behalf of my clients is what I love to do. I aim to serve as your Concierge Jeweler; meeting, sourcing, designing and delivering on demand at your convenience. 

I love my work. It gives me the opportunity to meet the greatest people in the world and help to make your dreams come true! 

A New Business Model
After 20 years of working in a store-front boutique, it became clear that my customers had evolved. I began to understand what most of my competitors are still struggling to accept; The traditional storefront model actually hinders "great service" as we now define it. 
Why would you choose to shop an outdated inventory when you can receive the very latest designs and on-demand service!?
1. Let's talk about your style: Via email, text, DM or phone.
2. I go to work for you: I'll curate a selection for you to choose from, hunt down exactly what you're looking for, or render designs based on your specific criteria.
3. Meet to Select: Your meeting can be anywhere; from my studio in San Francisco, to your home or via a digital meeting. Make your selection or I'll refine the search for another round. 
4. Delivery: Enjoy next-day shipping or hand-delivery (local only).
A true match-maker: I thrive on making sure it's a "love connection". Far more interested in developing lasting relationships, I'm not happy until you're ecstatic.

Everybody Wins: RaliCouture has a way of turning boyfriends into husbands and husbands into heroes. Putting me to work as your personal jeweler is like having a genie in your back pocket! Your marriage will improve and your celebrations will sparkle. Go ahead, text me 2 days before, or the morning of...chances are that I'll save the day while adding thoughtful depth to your occasion.